Friday, January 26, 2007

Benjamin's Doctor Visit

I had fun taking Benjamin to his annual physical. I picked him up from school and he was so excited to see me. I told him that we were going to see the doctor. His first response was..."I am not going to get a shot am I?" I reasured him that "No, you are not going to get a shot. She is just going to look you over and make sure you are healthy." We then get to the doctors office and get into the room and Benjamin starts singing "5 Little Monkey's jumping on the bed" I thought that was very appropriate for the doctor's office. She checked him out and asked what kind of gown he wanted and she told him that she would bring both so he could choose. What I thought was cute is he asked if he could go with her. She said "Yes" and they were off. He came running back and soon followed was the doctor. She was laughing because not to many adults can find their way back to the rooms. When the doctor left and I began to help Benjamin change into the gown. Benjamin got modest and said..."Nobody is going to see me are they" I said no, just mommy and the doctor"..."oh, OK" The funny thing is he just made that statement and then proceeds to go to the door to peek out to see if the doctor was coming. The doctor comes in and uses reflex tool to check his knees and she says to him, "Did you feel your knee jump?" Benjamin says,"Nope". The doctor proceeds to check is other knee and what does Benjamin do???.........He kicks his leg up and says,"I felt it."....I about died laughing. That is our little comedian. She checked the rest of him out and that was the end of the visit. I think that was the best doctors visit so far...Benjamin sure did make it fun. The time went by very fast. We did learn that Benjamin has 20/40 vision. So I made an appointment with an eye doctor to check his eyes out more thorough.

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