Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Madness

1. Did you make any resolutions this year?yes, to loss some weight, be more organized.
2. If so, which one do you think you'll really stick to? If not, is there something you're going to try harder to accomplish?being mor organized
3. Do you have a fear of any small rodents/insects/etc? If so, please share. I am afraid of rats, snakes, and spiders.
4. Share something exciting that's going on in your life. My son is learning how to draw a person (he is three).
5. Did you wonder what happened to Monday Madness these past few weeks? Yes, I sure did. I started participating and then all of a sudden it stopped. I am glad it's back.
And the final question: Do you have a favorite gameshow announcer? Not really.

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1 comment:

Heart of Rachel said...

Good luck on losing some weight. It's also my goal this year. I hope we can both achieve it.

I'd love to be more organized this year too.

Take care!