Friday, February 2, 2007

What do you do for a living??

He works at Stein Mart as a Merchandising Sales Manager. He manages approx. 10 people. He loves his job because he gets to spend more time with his family than his previous job. Stein Mart sells mens, womens, home decor, and shoes at 20% - 60% below Department Store prices. Stein Mart is all over the United States. They are headquarted in Jacksonville, Florida. Check out their website.

Several people have asked me what exactly what I do. I am an Administative Specialist/Database Administrator. I work for a Contractor (USAE) who supports the Corp of Engineers and other contractors over in Iraq. The program is called Coalition Munitions Clearance. Here are a few articles that describes what we do over in Iraq.

Coaliton Munition Clerance
Defense Link
Journal of Mine Action

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Michelle said...

The comic had me LAUGHING!!! Oh my isn't that the truth . . .

I've enjoyed scrolling around here . . . :-)